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The History of the Quezon City Medical Society

  In 1950 Dr. Petronilo G. Monsod, Dr. Demetrio C. Lacuna and Dr. Felipe P. Arenas met at Max Quezon City and organized what is now known as “The Quezon City Medical Society”. It was initially composed of 37 doctors from different hospitals in Quezon City.

  The QCMS used to be a component society under the Central Tagalog Region of the PMA which included the Caloocan Medical Society, Pasay-Paranaque Medical Society and the Valenzuela Medical Society. During those times, an elected Governor represented the Region to the PMA. There was an agreement among the members that the Governorship would be rotated among the different medical societies of the Region. Their activities were mainly focused on scientific meetings and a yearly bowling tournament held at the Pasay Bowlodrome to develop camaraderie among its members. With the steady growth of the PMA’s membership, the QCMS was equally supportive of all its projects. The 1st Regional Convention of the PMA held in Davao City in 1951 was attended by members of the QCMS.

   During the term of Dr. Benjamin Tamesis as QCMS President (1975-76) the Quezon City Medical Society was subdivided into four districts following the corresponding Quezon City political districts I, II, III and IV with a QCMS District Councilor for each district. Accordingly, the activities included scientific meetings, medical missions in different depressed areas and involvement in many PMA projects.

  In 1995, the most significant achievement of the QCMS was its successful bid to become a region of the PMA - separate from the Central Tagalog Region - through the passage of an Amendment to the PMA By-Laws during the House of Delegates session at the Phil. Plaza Hotel which coincided with the PMA Annual Convention.

  In 1996 the QCMS, which was officially registered as a non-government organization (NGO), was accepted as a representative member of the Local Health Board of Quezon City.

   During the term of QCMS President Dr. Marianne O. Dobles (2006-2007), a portion of the vast QCMS District II was designated as District V through a QCMS Board Resolution which was approved by the QCMS General Membership Assembly.

  Cognizant of the role that spouses may play in attaining the objectives of the society, the Women’s Auxiliary to the Quezon City Medical Society (WAQCMS) was organized in 1965 and the first Induction Ceremony was held in July 15, 1965 with Mrs. Purita David as its Founding President. It has involved its members in the society’s projects like fund raising projects, socio-cultural indigency programs and other activities of APMA (Auxiliary to the Philippine Medical Association), .the mother organization.

  At present the main activities of the Quezon City Medical Society are geared to the development and improvement of its Membership Program, Continuing Medical Education Program, and Community Development and Civic Action Programs:

  • Support to the Bukal ng Pagasa Day Care Center at West Riverside, SFDM. This project can be expanded with the help of District I and other members.

  • Participation in various projects of the Dept. of Health and the Philippine Medical Association.

  • Active participation in the free clinic of the PMA Indigency Center in celebration of Medicine Week.

  • Visits and distribution of gifts to elderly residents of Golden Acres in Quezon City in conjunction with the Dept. of Pediatrics of Capitol Medical Center and the Quezon City General Hospital.

  • Gift-giving project to the street children at Barangay Silang Tanglaw, Q.C.

  • Christmas in July project with the Pediatric Dept. of QCGH which was launched in 1994.

  • The Clean & Green Program launched in 1996. (A memorandum of agreement was signed in August 1996 between the Quezon City Government and QCMS. The project was initially called “QC-Medics Project Katok” which was for QC-Medics Kalikasan Tungo sa Kaunlaran).

  • The Death Benefit program for eligible members of the QCMS which was started in 1996. This is a benefit separate from that given by the PMA. (The present maximum benefit is P7, 000.00).

  • Participation of the five QCMS Districts in the Pediatrica Interhospital Case Presentation Contest which was started in December 6, 1996.

  At present, the QCMS is represented by its Governor to the PMA Board in order to relay the requests, needs and suggestions of the Quezon City Medical Society. Its office is presently located at Rm. 110, at the Ground Floor of the PMA Building, which the society had leased from the PMA for a period of 99 years since 1986.

  It is also with pride that the Quezon City Medical Society boasts of having produced SEVEN(7) Philippine Medical Association Presidents, to wit: Dr. Pedro Mayuga (1960-61), Dr. Jesus Tamesis (1963-64), Dr. Jose Denoga (1965-66), Dr. Fe del Mundo (1969-70), Dr. Jose Pujalte (1985-86), Dr. Gil C. Fernandez (2001-02),and Dr.Rey Melchor Santos (2008-2010).

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